Friday, July 6, 2012

New Purchases

I like to keep you guys updated on the stuff I buy because you can relate to small budget and possibly my style. I recently have been shopping a lot more online, which has its perks and its downfalls. First off, there are a lot more stores on the net that carry clothes in my price range and match my personal style. The bad part is you don't get to try on the clothes or shoes and returning can be a hassle. But never the less I continue to shop online and continue to get suckered in to buying more than I want to get that free shipping. oops.

Floral Necklace: Belina $34
Lime Green Pleated Skirt: Urban Outfitters $50
Skull Bracelet: Belina $14
Snake Skirt Pumps: Piperlime $30
Cheetah Sweater: Loft $50
Cross Bracelet: Belina $24
Boyfriend Jeans: Gap $70
Black Blazer: Missguided $34

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