Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Swimwear

After getting some feedback about my blog this weekend I decided to create another post for swimwear. I ran across a lot of great suits and ended up buying one for my vacation in June (the first swimsuit below in turquoise if you'd like to know). After looking at multiple sites I found that fringe seems to be a favored style, as well as bright colors and uniquely fitted tops. Enjoy.

Everything But Water $136

Nasty Gal $60

Karma Loop $96

Top Shop $46

Nordstrom Top $92

H&M Top $17.95

Nordstrom Cover Up $159

H&M $27.90

Nordstrom Cover Up $79
Urban Outfitters $73

Top Shop $76

Everything But Water $86

Everything But Water $60

Nordstrom Top $88


  1. love the hot pink top from H&M

  2. I know isn't it great! It comes in black as well.