Friday, June 8, 2012

Graphic Tops

Graphic tees are great for spicing up an outfit with a vibrant image or strong message. Styling them with a pair of bright colored pants or a breezy skirt always make for a comfortable ensemble. One of my favorite graphic tops is a black and white tank with Jim Morrison's handsome face printed large and bold on the front (see picture below). I also fell in love with a t-shirt from romwe that had an image of a lion with a mane made of different colored flowers, which I have gotten many complements on. Here are some great tops I ran in to on the net.

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Beaded T-shirt: Romwe  $32.99
Celebrate the Difference Tank:  Karmaloop  $53
Lion T-shirt: Romwe  $25.99
Change Graphic Tank:  Romwe  $24.64
Grateful Dead Fringe Top:  Karman Loop  $46
Peruvian Top:  Threadsence  $44
Daisy T-shirt:  Urban Outfitters  $29
Peace Sign Tee:  Nasty Gal  $70

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