Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to Pack for a Festival

Here is a guide to help you get thru a music festival rain or shine looking fabulous. Festivals are a great place to really be bold and wear your craziest ensembles, but you always must keep the weather in mind because the more comfy you are the more you can focus on the beats. The trick is to packing clothes that can create multiple different outfits. The aztec shirt goes great with a pair a jean shorts or leather leggings. I suggest investing in an anorak jacket, it not only goes great with any kind of top but it'll keep you nice and warm on those cold evenings. Black combat boots are awesome to bring because if its rained at all you can keep your feet nice and dry and wear them with jean shorts or pants. I like bringing a floppy hat because it can become your personal umbrella when its drizzling or help shield the sun when its blazing. A plain black dress can go along way if you pair it with a bold earring or a vest. To help brighten up your outfit bring along a neon top that can be paired with a black dress or jean shorts. I personally like using a back pack to fit in extra layers and water, it's also great for dancing. Over the shoulder bags are great as well and help add a little extra style to an ensemble. If your running out of room in your bag pack some jewelry that can create alternative looks. And don't forget the shades, during a festival sunglasses become your new best friend. Bring along a plain white tank that can be used to layer on those really cold nights or under a fun jean vest. It's not pictured below but I would bring a bathing suit you could throw on when showering or cooling off in the rain. Last but not least don't forget the flops, nothing like dancing under the sun with your toes hanging out, moving to the beat of the drum.

Everything you would need. **don't forget socks
 A Beautiful Day for Music
 A Dance your A$% off Kind-of-Day
 A Cool Weather Day
A Muddy Day
A Sunshiny Day
 The Art of Layering
 Warm Day Cool Evening

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