Thursday, May 24, 2012

Festival Shades

Sunglasses are my number one accessory at a festival, without them I would feel almost naked.  Aviators, rounded, colorful, print or even with feathers coming out it these stylish sunglasses are a festival must-have.  Your choices are endless when it comes to shades and like any other part of your ensemble you can be as bold and as out there as you desire. 

Ideal for paparazzi-stalked celebrities or just the hungover, big frames give the wearer that much-needed sense of privacy and a little bit of mystery.  Looking to stand out from the crowd?  Think outside the box—or rather, the hexagon, with unique eye wear shapes.  Feeling as brilliant as the sun outside?  Summer is a great time to incorporate vibrant hues with your accessories.  Aviators are my personal favorite for festivals because they give you that laid back look and go with pretty much any outfit.  These sunglasses are sure to brighten up any outfit—or a rainy day for that matter!

American Apparel  $45

$300  a-morir

Aviators go great with just about anything but I especially love them with a bright colored scarf.  
a-morir  $250

Lovin the big shades and the laid back outfit.

a-morir  $210 

Pairing a round pair of sunglasses with a hat like this is a great way to turn some heads. 

80's Purple  $14

I personally love the orange tinted glass, it gives everything a warm glow even on those cloudy days.

Warby Parker  $175 

Top Shop  $38

Asos  $26.09

Threadsense  $16

Kate bosworth rockin aviators.

Free People  $24

Me and some pals wearing our sunglasses of choice at last years Summer Camp.

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